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steve taylor

another great post Jonny.

I've seen plenty of dissenters who seem to have antagonised and have been ignored by the institution. (Of course, they could still do immense value outside the institution, but that's not what this post is about). So any thoughts on whether effective dissent actually need a certain set of characteristics?

So how to dissent, without becoming voiceless?



yes this is a good question and needs a long answer - longer than i can give right now! i think the question separates out into two parts - what kind of person can do this? and what then might be the way to dissent? i.e. the characteristics and the approach. does that make sense? if i've got that right i'll give some thought to both. arbuckle has a lot to say about the first.

steve taylor

thanks jonny. is there a 3rd part - what type of organisation. this is just a hunch, but i suspect that effective dissent will play out differently say in an anglican context to a baptist context; and in a school than a art collective.



i'm sure you are right. and arbuckle is addressing the roman catholic church post vatican 2 which had opened up all sorts of possibilities for creativity and mission. he is writing at a time when he seems to perceive a conservative backlash. but dissent is not to leave the church, rather to refound it. and he also sees that religious communities are one of the ways that the charism of prophet/evangelist/dissenters has been able to be nurtured and carried within the catholic church. i can translate it to anglican just about but not so sure i can for baptists - over to you!

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