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thanks Jonny, great thoughts that remind me of a post you made last year .. if I had time I would locate it but too pressured today. Reflecting back on the places I have been, when I was less patient and perhaps a little arrogant I was ready for the road of "new" without the awareness that new is always founded somewhere, always a part of an inheritance. It takes a certain courage and some depth to be really located and I think that is the call of the gospel..

James Dixon

Thanks for this series of posts Jonny. I have them very timely. I'm painfully aware of the "How Elsewhere is Elsewhere?" question and that the pursuit of novelty for novelty's sake is to sever ourselves from the root of the vine.

Have you any thoughts on how a pioneering dissenter shoot may be re-grafted elsewhere? How does a pioneer find an authority dissenter?

I would like to make the observation that a modern church can be one of the most conformist institutions.


Thanks Len - good to hear from you! I see you have a book out on mission sprirituality which i must pick up...

James without knowing a bit more about your scenario it's hard to answer the question! Feel free to buzz me an e-mail and I'm happy to chat further...

Part of the answer may be in one of my upcoming posts on mission communities whenever I get round to writing it. The point about that is that pioneers can really be helped in the new by also connecting to a mission or intentional community or network. But taht is only part of the answer to your dilemma I suspect.

James Dixon

Thanks Jonny, you could be right and I can't say very much more at this precise moment. I'm at a liminal stage.

I look forward to that article and community may be an option. I have always been in the habit of being able to walk or cycle to Church because of the geographical fellowship paradigm. It seems the routine meeting in and because of place is coming to end in the post modern/Christendom Church.

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