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The way Chelsea are playing at the moment the receptionist should be earning 20 times as much as the players!

Aaron Cavanaugh


I found another blogger who thinks the same


Quote: Money is a double-edged sword, Ariely argues, it’s a motivator and a stress-inducer. People who are completing a task that offers them a huge reward turn out to be too stressed to work as carefully and well as they would otherwise. So much for the theory that we need to allow for unlimited incomes to motivate innovators.

Thanks. God Bless.



As good as such an idea might sound, I doubt it would truly work. Social change through legislation rarely does. For example, it would almost be impossible to monitor or control payments received outside of the country and you could probably bet your bottom dollar that that would be a popular way to circumvent such a proposed law. If we truly want to make lasting change in the commericialistic culture that dominates the modern world*, where profits and goods are seen as more important than fair and just treatment of one's fellow human beings, then we must employ the more difficult, but more effective in the long run, method of chaning people's hearts and minds through the power of the Gospel. Do that and the need for legislation will be greatly curtailed. Fail to do that and anything else will be a mere band-aid.

* a good example of this over here in the United States is Black Friday, whose spirit overshadows that of Thanksgiving (indeed, many seem more thankful for the savings they are about to receive than any spiritual blessing) and is seen as preparation for Christmas.
Trackback: http://deofmovestofca.blogspot.com/2011/12/more-we-change-hearts-and-minds-less-we.html

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