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Norman Ivison

Sounds a great idea. We need a catchy phrase (cf. Robin Hood Tax) with which to promote it.

Martin Poole

You dreamer!


I am sure it must be naive but I can't understand why. Perhaps if you earn more than £200k the reason becomes obvious!


Business profits would increase dramatically. This would also need a greater tax on large business profits to get the money from businesses to where it's needed, and also tighter regulation of what counts as a 'business expense'.

Communism didn't work, but neither does rampant consumerism. We need a new political party to rise up and champion this idea.

Pip piper

Not naive but unfortunately perhaps more of a dream
than potential reality
Bill Gates gets my vote for showing the super
rich how to re distribute wealth


pip, bill gates and warren buffett are held up as examples that people with obscene wealth can do good with it. well so they should and i'm glad they are!!! but how about the rest? what are they doing with it? i don't think those examples are enough to justify the immorality that they as individuals can accumulate that level of resource. an idea i'd quite like to see explored in relation to this is that as incentive for entrepreneurial activity high earners could have some say in the next 200k or whatever of income to assign it to areas of investment - education, charity, arts etc.


Research has shown societies are much happier when there is less disparity between the highest and lowest salaries. Community (tribes) used to be our worldly security, we have lost that so people put their security in houses and money.


the reason why it is naive? Because private enterprise would grind to a halt, private sector employment levels would collapse, government tax receipts would collapse and so public sector employment levels would collapse

Other than that, great idea

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