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Bob Carlton

here is some of what I discovered & loved listening to this year

particular favs:
Joe Henry, M83, tuneyards, Los Campesinos!, Little Dragon

and my fav song of this year
Steve Earle~God is God
God,in my little understanding, don't care what name I call.
Whether or not I believe doesn't matter at all.


Nice list. Picked up the new Loscil album for only £4 on amazon. Still listening to The Horrors and Bon as well.


Haha, I am predictable to since I love the new Coldplay CD! dano http://www.danosongs.com


Unfortunately The Middle East called it quits back in July, so no more from them as a whole... You can still download a couple of tracks from TripleJ Unearthed (I recommend the look at the rest of the site as it's a current and growing collection of unsigned, local music from all over the place)

I'm loving Bon Iver by Bon Iver still (but a bit miffed the new videos for the deluxe album aren't available at a decreased price)
TKOL Remix is not a surprise but its great...
Inni still brings a tear to the eye occasionally, Sigur Ros are, as always beautiful...
M83's latest Hurry Up We're Dreaming is getting a lot of airplay in my house at the moment, they are still one of the best bands out there for this kind of music
Holly (my wife) really really loves the new Florence and the Machine "Ceremonials" so I'm listening to that all the time at the moment

And here's a few Aussie releases if you want something a little different
Gotye - "Making Mirrors " (one of my favourite aussie releases of the year)
Washington - Insomnia (well worth the listen)
I think Harry may like The Herd's album "Future Shade" a bit of Aussie hip hop
Lovers Electric's album "Impossible Dreams" is a lot of fun to listen to... nothing wrong with some good fun and understated pop...


bump was just going to tell you the middle east are no more! boo...
have you found telefon tel aviv yet?

This is their best album I think... and you'd love it...


Jonathan Fillis

Hi Jonny, Just recently found your blog and am loving it. Great to see people like yourself taking a lead in what we need to be exploring and trying as a church.
I checked out quite a few of the artists above here and enjoyed them immensely particularly Fink and Loscil so thought I would return the favor. You may of course already be familiar with the music of Peter Broderick but if not you definitely should give him a try. Stunningly beautiful and spacious music, just wonderful. Really all of it is worth checking out but maybe start with Home or Float!
God's Blessings!

Becky Garrison

You gave me some good suggestions for where to spend some Amazon credits - thanks. I know you will make fun of my selections but in 2011, I fell in love with Mumford & Sons and The Black Keys.

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