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Yes! Great way to start year, thank you Jonny!


Maybe a very simple, but symbolic, place to start would be with the grotesquely large lottery prizes? Because, at the moment, it seems like everyone who buys a lottery ticket, however poor, is giving the message to the corruptly rich that most people approve of obscene wealth and would like to acquire it for themselves. A people's petition to drop the maximum prizes down to a year's average wages might be a tiny drop in the vast ocean of political activism, but could perhaps send a powerful message about common values around wealth? The whole system does seem to be a self-contradiction in terms of where the funds from ticket sales go and what happens when someone wins.

Becky Garrison

Yep - Jonny this is why I was so disappointed that the Anglican Church on both sides of the pond blew off the Occupy movement who wanted to inhabit their space. What a missed opportunity to engage with these seekers and see where the spirit is flowing.

And concurrent with this, I see a very negative spirit here in the US trying to revert back to this crystalized 1950s era civil religion that never really existed except in TV land - the word "unity" is being used too often as a cover for "be nice" all the while ignoring the way too many Christians deal with the least of these.

Paul Fromont

Indeed. May it be for many, including you and the family, as you hope in the closing section of your post. Really appreciated this two part post. Happy New Year. All the very best for 2012 Jonny.

Martin Thompson

Thanks, as ever, Jonny. It really does seem like we're in the middle of a deeply disruptive moment, where need to seek our where the Spirit is and join in...otherwise face being left behind as the church so often has been.

I'm with you - communities orientated around the captivating character of Jesus and living out his kingdom are the answer. I'm certain of this too.


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