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Mary Keenan

Completely agree. Janet's work is very empowering.

Sabio Lantz

I love comparative religion and have been researching the Hinduism a bit where I have seen several articles in Indian newspapers that take the women in their popular scriptures (the Ramayana and Mahabharata) and uses them as images to communicate deep, important truth to women with far more equal social role today than when those women had scriptures where written. Similarly, the Bible's Tamar and Martha lived in very challenging times for women, I am sure.

Janet's skills of "naming patterns and drawing out insights" from her Christian traditional scriptures, seems so familiar to what I see fine Indian women doing with their scriptures. It is a shame we only draw from the over used images of our upbringing and that was can't share images from other scriptures to broaden our insight that the patterns are similar even when the religions differ.

As for men suffering self-debasement. I think, like gray hair, it looks different on men only because of cultural values. But for me, the appearance is the same.

Thank you for your post -- interesting!

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