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Pablo Giacopelli

Try sitting in silence for 10 minutes each day. No agenda nothing to expect just sit there and enjoy. I usually do it first thing in the morning. It gives me a sense of stillness that stays with me for the rest of the day. Is funny I used to do quiet times as during I was anything but quiet...how things have changed as I realize that by being silent I loose my grip and give room to God to do whatever he wants Ben if that means being silent :-)

Chris Jefferies

Thanks for this lovely and helpful post. Here is what came into my mind as I read your words...

Silence! It can be barked as a command by a schoolteacher or a sergeant-major.

Silence! It can be made a law as in the library.

Yet in such silence there may be turmoil, anxiety, frustration, even anguish.

But an inner silence, a silence I have chosen and embraced, that is altogether different.

It's the difference between loneliness (a bad thing) and solitude (a good thing). Out of nothing the Creator created all things. And out of my chosen and self-embraced silence much that is grace and love and peace and joy may spring. In me, for myself. And from me, for others.

Blessed silence. Be still and know that I AM Elohim, Yahweh, Emmanuel.

The Spirit of Christ rests on me in my silence, he lives within me. He rests on me like a dove. But when I'm noisy and churned up and selfish and restless inside he flies up into the rafters and waits for a better time.

He says, 'I stand at the door and knock. Open it and I'll come in and eat and drink with you.'

But he doesn't leave me, ever. He may be outside the door or inside the door, but he's always there. He is there in the rafters of my being, or he is resting upon me and within my heart. My prayer is for peace and silence in my being much more consistently. Rest upon me and within me, Lord. I am quiet now. Come, Lord Jesus, come. Come in, you are so welcome.

Praise you. HalleluYah!



Very moving to read. I read it to Gayle - she said: would you like to do that? What a question... 10 days silence(!) Thanks for posting this, look forward to the follow-ups.


really beautiful!

Matt Rees

Thanks for these reflections Jonny.


Ever thought of being a Quaker?


As an Alpine mountain walker of many trips through the wonderful French, Swiss and Italian mountains - this beautiful poem captures silence in another awesome dimension:

The Most-Sacred Mountain - Eunice Tietjens

SPACE, and the twelve clean winds of heaven,
And this sharp exultation, like a cry, after the slow six thousand steps of climbing!
This is Tai Shan, the beautiful, the most holy.

Below my feet the foot-hills nestle, brown with flecks of green;
and lower down the flat brown plain, the floor of earth, stretches away to blue infinity.
Beside me in this airy space the temple roofs cut their slow curves against the sky,
And one black bird circles above the void.

Space, and the twelve clean winds are here;
And with them broods eternity—a swift, white peace, a presence manifest.
The rhythm ceases here. Time has no place.
This is the end that has no end.

Here, when Confucius came, a half a thousand years before the Nazarene, he stepped, with me, thus into timelessness. The stone beside us waxes old, the carven stone that says:
“On this spot once Confucius stood and felt the smallness of the world below.”

The stone grows old:
Eternity is not for stones.
But I shall go down from this airy place, this swift white peace, this stinging exultation.

And time will close about me, and my soul stir to the rhythm of the daily round.

Yet, having known, life will not press so close, and always I shall feel time ravel thin about me;
For once I stood
In the white windy presence of eternity.

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