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Richard Passmore

You should check out what Steve is up to in the StreetSpace community he says....

During the Streetspace gathering this year I tried recording woodchopping rhythms and Tadeusz Kawecki-Billam on the mandolin to create a soundscape of worship… John Wheatley, was it you who mentioned the concept of reclaiming worship music? I reckon one important part of this is engaging with grassroots local creative expressions of praise…

The concept-mashup below is seeking out God amongst real everday community, people and places - instead of escaping into another world – which seems to be the preoccupation of lots of contemporary “worship” music.

It’s not got the magic of Mozart or the hype of Hillsong; but that’s the point… when connecting with sounds that we’ve got a direct relationship with, something happens. Through it I begin to notice the Great Other among us…

Props to Tadz and the Streetspace fire starters!

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