worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 14: nice day

i was helping run the labyrinth at a youth leader's training weekend for yfc. it was at an elim bible college. the guys i was with went to get some chocolate from a machine in the dining room and came back very amused because once you have bought your consumer purchase the words 'have a nice day jesus loves you' appear! whether this is a moment of intentional irony (i doubt it) or misguided sincerity who knows?! but we videoed it and i have uploaded it for you to have a look at... it is in quicktime and is1.7mb so may take a while to fully appear but it is worth the wait. watch niceday movie

i have also dropped it into the gforce sprites folder (good idea - thanks matt) and scripted it to appear along with an image of buddy christ from dogma (if you got lost at this point, gforce was an earlier wonderful worship trick that you can find in the list).