worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 17: timber

at greenbelt we (grace) did a service who do you think you are in which the central area of the service had piles of huge logs and small pieces of kindling wood. everyone was invited to take a piece of kindling and a piece of sandpaper and there was a meditation led on how god is shaping us, refining us etc.. and then people were invited to sand their peice of kindling. during this we played the video with sound up 'timber' by coldcut [made by hexstatic] - in itself this is a simply stunning video. it was the first video i ever saw that was completely linked sound and visuals. the music is made from samples of chain saws and other things. anyway it was a wonderful moment hearing this tune blasting out, seeing the images along with the sound of everone sanding. one sound repeated in the track is of a saw is cutting through a tree. when this was on it was so rhythmic that people couldn't help but sand in time - hard to describe but it was a great moment. a couple of people asked me where the video is from. it's on the cd rom that accompanies coldcut's album let us play, and on ninjatune's dvd zen tv and you can download a version of it from the video page on ninjatune.