worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 2: postcards

graceway in NZ are distributing 5000 postcards in caf├ęs in auckland for pentecost. there are four designs - spirit as fire, as earth's healer, as wind, as water. each one has a newly creted image, a spirituality quote, a bible verse and a spiritual exercise eg light a candle, think about how small flames become big flames. the cards have a link to a web site. the site is actually still in the stages of being developed but the images are there. so come back again in a few weeks for more. the thing i like about this is it takes worship out of church, accepting that there are plenty of seekers out there who may well connect with god but not be into the way we do church.

[update: graceway link that was here is broken but you can link to the postcards here now]