worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 25 : born among us

born among us picborn among us is a wonderful resource produced jointly by uspg and the methodist church. it's a follow up to the christ we share which has the images of christ from different cultures round the world (see worship trick 24). this one has 16 images of the nativity and advent from countries round the world. they are brilliant images but there is more.... there is a sheet for each part of the world containing info on the images and suggestions for using them. there are also worship resources including prayers from round the world. one i particularly liked was a rewrite of the carol 'o little town of bethlehem' written after someone had been to bethlehem and experienced the suffering there. this is a must. from a personal point of view i was disappointed that CMS who were a partner in the christ we share aren't one of the producers here - we missed a trick there!... you can order it from uspg's web site. if you haven't planned ideas for christmas/advent yet then this could be a great addition.