worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 27 : o little town of bethlehem

bethlehemthis image was on the christmas mailout from amos trust. i thought it was a stunning picture. there is also a rewrite of 'o little town of bethlehem' inside which is brilliant. there is another one in the 'born among us' pack i mentioned as worship trick 26. these carol rewrites are worthy of being a worship trick in their own right so that makes them no 27! i have taken the liberty of putting them up here and pasted them below.

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

words by don hinchey (from amos trust christmas leaflet)

o little town of bethlehem
how still we see thee lie
above thy deep and restless sleep
a missile glideth by
and over dark streets soundeth
the mortar's deadly roar
while children weep in shallow sleep
for friends who are no more

how silently how silently
their hope has gone away
no laughter rings no choir sings
in shepherds fields this day
the angels in the heavens
are hushed in sad lament
back in exie the holy child
finds herod won't relent

o holy child of bethlehem
descend to us we pray
your love bring down on david's town
drive fear and hate away
awake the ire of nations
let justice be restored
rebuild the peace in silent streets
where once your love was born

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

words by wendy ross barker (from uspg resource 'born among us')

o sad and troubled bethlehem
we hear your longing cry
for peace and justice to be born
and cruel oppression die
how deep your need for that
great gift of love in human form
let Christ in you be seen again
and hearts by hope made warm

while morning stars and evening stars
shine out in your dark sky
despair now stalks your troubled streets
where innocents still die
and Jesus child of mary
whose love will never cease
feels even now your pain and fear
longs with you for your peace

amazingly and lovingly
jesus the child has come
and brought to birth through human pain
makes broken hearts his home
he comes to comfort all who weep
to challenge every wrong
and living with the weak and poor
becomes their hope, their song