worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 3: ad liturgy

in grace we have spent a couple of months exploring what it means to be christians in a consumer culture. people produced some great stuff. some bits and pieces are on the grace site. here's a piece of concluding liturgy i wrote where the responses are the lines of advertisements [uk ads - don't know whether they'll all translate].

We live after purity

In a world of rich and poor, global warming, information overload, cafe direct, nike and gap
You either love it or you hate it

Our life is complex and interlinked not simple and straightforward
It’s as clear as your conscience

Our actions and choices have a knock on effect for others - neighbours near home and far away
Help us in this context to follow you

When our thoughts are filled with dreams of wealth and objects of desire
Think different

When we reach information overload
Have a break

Take some space and time
Everyone needs a place to think

Help us use our withdrawal as a time to learn to love the world more
Stop liking start loving

Make us angry about injustice and determined to make a difference
Just do it

Help us know which concerns to make our own
Because life is complicated enough

When apathy sets in to remember
Every little helps

When individual actions seem too small to count thank you that we are part of your body, the largest global network
Together we are stronger

Give us patience when change is slow
Good things come to those that wait

We long to see your kingdom come
The future’s bright

And your will be done
Whatever it takes

On earth as it is in heaven
A taste of paradise

To the glory of God
Because he’s worth it!