worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 43 : gethsemane

james kessell has put a piece on gethsemane together here. i don't think i know james but a couple of others in grace do and put me on to it. anyway it is a very simple but effective meditation - thanks james! make sure you leave it running for a long time on your computer or you won't get the full effect. i have made it worship trick 43....

i must admit i am staggered at the level of creativity i know of going into easter services. it's wonderful. in the previous post i mentioned cityside. but today sanctuary in bath start their stations of the cross exhibition which runs over the weekend and i know will be fantastic. i also saw on deepdirt what karen ward is up to. for me this is all very hopeful. reminds me of the expensive perfume broken over jesus' feet as an extravagent gift of love.