worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 46 : three is the magic number

noticed steve had posted a prayer from the last grace service on the trinity. taking its cue from de la soul it's entitled three is the magic number and is on his blog. i've pasted the text below as i don't know how to make a direct link that will stay.

three is the magic number
calling us out of individualism
insisting on relationship
i to you
we to another
trinity seeding networks
until all the cosmos joins in

one to create
one to save
one to sustain

one to author
one to fight
one to enliven

one to conceive
one to die
one to resurrect

one to plan
one to act
one to explain

one's sufficient
two's company
three's community

trinity expose our self-reliance
trinity break open our exclusivity
trinity seed our joining tonight