worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 48 : 16 video ideas

flicker logohad a catch up with flicker and found a superb article beginners video on practically setting up tvs and videos to use in worship. it really is good.

i also noticed a list of sixteen ideas for shooting video which i have added as worship trick 48 and pasted the ideas in below:

Inspiration - 16 ideas

Caress a ten pound note, take a cigarette lighter and slowly burn - guaranteed to provoke an emotional response

Throw a bucket of water in the air - catch it against the sun

Film your hands breaking bread - but don't forget to sweep up the crumbs.

Then soak the bread in white spirit and ignite - great for petecost

Blow bubbles lit from behind - burst in slow motion; then cut to a shot of earth from space

Film a tramp fidgeting on a park bench for 20 minutes - see who else turns up

Film the chairman of the PCC in a pew - see if he wakes up

Film a large burning candle and play onto TV. Put the TV on the altar - now no wax, no mess. you can rewind when burnt out.

Record Billy Graham preaching, put the TV set in the pulpit - this weeks guest preacher - Next Week Carol Smilie

Show the faces of the people attending the service - people like to see themselves

Cover up the tv sets - leave only a small triangle of the screen showing much more interesting than widescreen

Put the TV sets on their side, stack them up or put them in a circle, hang them from the ceiling but never in the corner of the room

Put coloured gels over the screens and see the world through rose coloured TV

Film wire wool burning in big close up, its really quite BRILLO

Film an electric fan and slow it down - keeps you virtually cool

Use a simple word in simple black and white