worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 53 : ptotest stencils

stencilled table cloth pic as part of the communion at greenbelt 2003 (see worship trick 52) we made some fantastic stencilled table cloths - the photo here is from the gb gallery and it gives you an idea of how the stencils worked out. a friend gareth at cms designed them and they were put together by gareth and tlb. the three slogans 'not in my name' 'no more stolen bread' and 'no more spilt blood' were really strong. these images are available to download from cms so that you can make your own version. simply print them off ideally onto thin card, cut out the stencil, get some adhesive spray for remounting and stick the stencil on something like a white bed sheet, then spray with black or red paint and remove the stencil - dead easy and cheap to make.