worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 57 : cool stuff on CR dvd

one of the areas you can never get enough stuff for worship is good quality visual images. i love worship services where something is projected or flickering on a screen or painted. anyway this week i came across a dvd that is packed with goodies. the bad news is that it is hard to get hold of....

creative review logocreative review is a design magazine you may have come across. but if you subscribe you get a dvd twice a year that is full of cool stuff - music videos, ads, short films and the like. the design dept get it at CMS and i borrowed the dvd. here's some stuff i liked (and i haven't even got through the full 3 hours worth of material)...

. lemon jelly's all the ducks are swimming in the water video is fantastic for all ages. i'd use it for pentecost - a rainbow coloured raindrop falls from the sky to transform a grey world.
. ed holdsworth has two videos of trains and traffic in tokyo that are breathtaking in their beauty. i know everyone seems to have a moving traffic video but these are second to none.
. the bbc one advert rush hour with david belle doing his parkour negotiating the rooftops of london is stunning - see worship trick 55 for my earlier thoughts on the parkour idea.
. also on the parkour theme is sebastien foucan also of parkour fame in the nike chicken advert - yes i know it's nike but it is a great advert
. and perhaps my favourite is royksopp's remind me video (that apparently is on the double cd of melody am if you want to track it down) which is an animation of someone's routinised day - sounds dull i know but it is amazing and easily useable in worship as a start up video where you get people to reflect on the day they have had or whatever as they come to worship god....

like all these kinds of things there is some stuff not to use in worship as well.... but i think the approach of using the stuff that's out there as the building blocks of worship is the way to go especially if it's stuff as cool as this