worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 58 : flash texts

grace text picapologies if this excludes some but it's still worth a mention. found a site today that is set up as a fileshare for flash - there are quite a few little animations you can download. they might be especially useful if you are into VJing with something like arkaos where you can use swf files. cms text picanyway the ones that caught my eye were the text ones which are set up so that you can download the .fla files as well. so?... well all you need to do is open them up in flash, open the library and change the word text to whatever you like - (i tried 'grace' for one and 'cms' for another) and they look very cool when exported as swf files. here's a couple of screen grabs so you get the idea.... i apologise if you haven't got flash - just ignore this trick or find someone who has!