worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 59 : pentecostal ducks

lemon jelly video stilli while back i mentioned the fantastic stuff on the creative review dvd. the frustration with it is that you can only get it if you subscribe to the magazine. so i have been keeping an eye out for any of the bits i mentioned. anyway by a stroke of luck (or divine providence:-)) i came across the lemonjelly ducks video as a quicktime video. it is simply wonderful. i am adding it as worship trick 59 as a pentecost video. the video is of a coloured raindrop that falls from the sky and transforms a grey world. the rainbow of colours ripples through the whole creation infecting everything with joy so that all the animals are dancing along with the old man (perhaps the ducks swimming in the water is the equivalent of the trees of the field clapping their hands???) - anyway it's brilliant