worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 60 : mixed chemistry

why did god create us pic
world studio foundation, based in new york, joins up social activism with art and design in some pretty cool ways. one of the ways they have done this is to link young people up with designers to mentor them in producing some art. one of the issues they have picked up on is prejudice and the young people have produced some fantastic work. there are two pieces in particular that struck me. the first is the one above why did god create us. john macdonald and vincent cardenas explain their thoughts behind the work. it seems ironic that while the church is arguing about purity and truth and what the bible says, a young person has so powerfully articulated what it feels like to be gay and on the receiving end of the church's prejudice.

worship trick 60
periodic table picthe other piece that really grabbed me was this one. it's hard to make out here but there's a larger version of the pic here. this piece is by 16 year old jessica fei - a simple but powerful idea and her spiel about it is wonderful:

"What are you made of? We're all different compositions of the same set of elements. You might be surprised to find out what someone in your life is really made of - your worst enemy may be more like you than you think. So the next time you roll your eyes at the 'freak' down the block, stop and challenge yourself to take a second look. Have you got it in you?"

this is so like something we would do as an installation at grace and i have added it as a worship trick....