worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 65 : grid blog advent

advent graphictoday, the 14, 21 and 25 december is the first christian [grid::blog]. on those days bloggers round the world will all blog on shared advent themes. (if you are thinking that we haven't a clue about the church calendar as advent started last sunday, the reason is that there was another grid blog that day so it seemed appropriate to wait (ha! an advent theme!). who knows how it will work? or who will take part? i'm sure someone will collate the participants at some stage and i will pass it on to you. but it struck me that this is worship trick 65. it's a global/communal act of reflection and worship, similar in a way to the digital quilt which i have as worship trick 50, or the idea of a communal blog such as the grace lent blog. these things all enable people in different locations and time zones to particiipate in corporate global acts of worship (both by contributing and reading/reflecting on what is posted). i'm sure we'll see more of these ideas developed and analogue church will no doubt object and say that this kind of digital/virtual worship lacks authenticity but no surprise there. anyway onto advent1... if you type [grid blog :: advent 1] and then 2, 3, 4 into google you can trace the entries.