worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 69 : visit of the magi

at the grace service nine in 2002, the reading steve drew in our draw was on the visit of the magi which is one of epiphany's themes... he did an installation involving a chess set with one set of pieces facing the nativity all on a chess board - a kind of power games - all placed on the financial times newspaper with a stunning reading. it's all at the visit of the magi the reading is below...

chess pieces
[Matthew 2:1-12]

what do you read for signs of god's presence?
does your interest go down as well as up?
can you spot a good investment?

have you outsourced your spirituality?
do you call in consultants to tell you where the christ might be found?
do you really want to know?

how far would you go to see god?
would you come down to the ground floor lobby?
as far as the tube station?
as far as brighton?
would you stand all the way?

would you switch off your phone in the stable?

how much would you spend on presents?
would you give christ a golden hello?
10% of pre-tax earnings?
a tip for the markets?
a few more stables and a derby winner?
would you buy shares in his suffering or sell him cheap when the market falls?

how far would you go to oppose god?
who would you kill? and how many?
is your intelligence good?
do you know which safe house the christ-child is in?
do you ask how many others are in the building?

in whose game are you a pawn?

do you play for herod or leave by another route?
do you expect a good return?