worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 71 : psalm twister

last night at grace we had the first of our two services on psalms. it was absolutely wonderful... it was a good job because i had been doing an event in york minster the night before so was knackered. it was just what i needed.

the main part of the service was 10 psalms printed out around the church for people to read with small rituals or things to do related to the psalm. the psalms chosen all focused on a different theme - e.g. confession, lament, vengeance, praise... to give a couple of examples - psalm 91 which is about protection had the psalm to read and you had to snuggle up in a duvet to read it! psalm 42, which includes a part about thirsting for god, had the psalm to read and a video loop of 'no surprises' by radiohead (which consists in part of thom yorke underwater holding his breath and then coming up gasping for breath - that's the kind of thirst we figured the psalm was getting at).

the second service is psalms part 2. we're trying to open grace up to involve as many people as possible and involve them without them having to be on the planning team (though anyone i welcome to join that). so we gave out homework! the homework is to write/create/produce your own psalm to read/show/send in/present next time. steve did the sheet and in true fashion it is itself a work of art!!!! so if you weren't there and want to take part have a look at psalm twister - i've made it worship trick 71.