worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 72 : andy thornton's meditations

andy thornton sent me details of a web site he had put together. i had a quick glance intending to go back. well it's taken me a while but i have finally got round to looking through the stuff. the site has family stuff, and andy's writings and songs etc.... there are some real gems there. andy has been a source of inspiration for me over the years as a person, with his creativity, and his songwriting.

andy has written some brilliant meditations. i'm adding these as one worship trick though they should probably be several! anyway go and read and ponder progress | darkness in me | out in space | my body | out of control | soul mirror

i was also delighted to discover that there is also a whole section of stuff from the late late service. in fact there are pretty much two books worth! we have used lots of these pieces like possibility people at grace over the years. for me personally it was the late late service rather than NOS that i encountered that set me off on the whole alternative worship journey. these books stand the test of time as well.... so if you've never come across them you are in for a treat with

words from the late late service and
quiet service preparation handbook