worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 77 : urban psalm

i reworked psalm 113 at grace for an urban setting (the psalm with the famous 'from the rising of the sun...' ). i read it with the video arrive by ed holdsworth which is the most fantastic images of tokyo traffic - i've mentioned it before. it's on the dvd onedotzero vol 2.

Psalm 113 [urban remix '04]

God you are heavy!
Followers of Christ give respect to the Boss.
Get on the dance floor and get down.

From the sound of the first tube train before the dawn to the still moments of the night when the city pauses for breath
Give God respect.

God is exalted over the many cultures and networks of the city;
His glory is above the financial markets, government and businesses.

Who is like our God, the one who sits enthroned on high,
Who stoops down to look on the London Eye, the Tate and the Thames.

She raises the poor from the urban areas and the needy from their sense of despair and weariness.
He takes them on a shopping spree in Selfridges and pays off their mortgages.

From the base of a home the woman whose life has been a fight for survival begins to dream and create again –
The joy of life returns.