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worship tricks [first series]

no 81 : stations of the resurrection

stations coveri came across the book stations of the resurrection the other week. i hadn't seen it before. in the intro the author makes the point that the church has got very good at lent - lots of energy and focus and things that have become part of the life of worshipping communities. i know this is true for us in grace... but he says that often it seems like the season of easter is over by easter tuesday when in fact it goes on for several weeks. this book offers a suggestion for a way of focusing on the resurrection narratives as a series of stations. the book has pictures and meditations - they are not quite to my taste but the themes/ideas are great. anyway here is the list:

stations of the resurrection
station i - the discovery of the empty tomb john 20:1-10
station ii - the angel speaks to the women luke 24:4-8
station iii - christ appears to the virgin mary
station iv - christ appears to mary magdalene john 20:11-18
station v - the denial of the resurrection matthew 28:11-15
station vi - the road to emmaus luke 24:13-35
station vii - christ appears to the disciples john 20:19-21a
station viii - christ appears to thomas john 20:24-29
station ix - the appearance on the shore of galilee john 21:1-14
station x - the questions to peter john 21:15-19
station xi - the appearance on the mountain matthew 28:16-20
station xii - the revelation to st paul acts 9:3-9
station xiii - the ascension acts 1:6-11
station xiv - pentecost acts 2:1-11

there's no scripture given for station iii - instead andrew walker has a quote from igantius of loyola - here is is how after christ had risen body and soul from the sepulchre, he appeared to his blessed mother. she had brought him to birth, raised him, and had stood by him throughout the passion. now he wants to share with her the joy of his resurrection.

knowing how popular stations of the cross have become (darren has some links to stations - see the comments, and here is grace's last year's stations of the cross service), this could easily become a very good addition to the liturgical repertoire. andrew walker is the director of the london centre for spirituality (or was when he wrote the book).