worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 84 : angels in clubland

wee beautiful pict is a blog i like. guys in scotland engaging with club culture in creative ways. there's been music on it for ages but having only just got broadband i hadn't listened to it before (and i'm not a great fan of streaming stuff - rather just download it and listen when i want).

paul thompson and friends have a network they call the monastery of sound which they are in process of setting up in Edinburgh -

a resource dedicated to: engaging new tools/shaping events/building skills/grassroots style workshops/writing/production & recording new electronic psalms, clubbing canticles and tough urban prayers and street hymns - among with, by and for new generations

anyway they/paul have written some stunning dance tunes. i love the angels in clubland tracks... they seem to be based around cities where paul has been. i mailed paul about them and he replied saying...

aberdeen (where I grew up - sounds of beaches and kids on the estate ) sheffield (sounds of NOS and the feeling of that time)... and recent history in edinburgh - waiting for stuff to grow among night cultures and my own gen here - mostly themes of desert and looking for water of Christ outside institutions of church etc..

so go and listen to angels in clubland. and there's another whole albums worth of electronic psalms the volcano sessions the links here are streamed rather than downloadable at the moment. but angels in clubland is now available to download as mp3s. just go to the blog and click on the links in the left hand column

this is a wonderful gift/resource. i am making this selction of tunes worship trick 84. thanks paul and the rest of the monastery of sound...