worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 89 : on fire

pummice stone on firethere's a great description of emergent kiwi's pentecost evening service. it involved soaking a huge pummice stone in meths and burning it through the service. i am making this insane act of worship worship trick 89

ages back i blogged worship trick 10 which was mark pierson's pentecostal flame throwing. i guess steve took a leaf out of mark's book so to speak... what i love about both of these is the sheer visual impact of what they are doing even if it's completely mad!!!

i'll never forget the evening at grace (again inspired by the pyromaniacs downunder) where we had flames on a circle of tvs and a bbq going in the middle with the prodigy's firestarter blasting out and someone ranting over the top about god being a firestarter and everyone lighting sparklers that filled the whole building with smoke!!!