worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 91 : whats going wrong

deepchildi have a few friends who i consider have the midas touch - they are creative geniuses. i am thinking of the likes of jon birch | steve collins | andy thornton | bruce stanley... (i also have plenty of people i admire who i don't know...)

anyway i think i have just come across another, whose work has been introduced to me by darren wright (who also runs alternative hymnal).

rick bull (deepchild) is a musician/dub artist from downunder. some of his muisc featured on the prodigal project. i haven't actually heard any of his albums yet. but his song what's going wrong? is featured here on the alternative hymnal including all the lyrics. it's a song of protest. the song is great but what makes it particularly good is the accompanying flash video which has been animated by rick. i am making this worship trick 91 (it's about 4mb). more on rick's flash work later which will help you see why i think he is one of those creative genius types....