worship tricks

worship tricks [first series]

no 93 : in motion

in motion screen shotIn Motion is a new DVD produced by OSBD for RUN (reaching the unchurched network). it has clearly been a huge project in the making with 4 sections -

5 stories of faith (it was surprise and fun to see barry taylor on there!)
3 dramas
5 excerpts from 'the street bible' performed by rob lacey on location (street bible is being published in the USA as 'the word on the street' i think)
4 reflective visual pieces designed for meditation or worship

it's all new material - over 80 minutes worth, useable in lots of contexts. i think it is well suited to churches looking for creative material or small groups wanting a discussion starter. i can imagine the street bible being played for the bible reading in a service - would be great... the most useable bits for alt worship are the reflective visual pieces. my favourite is one that has shots of eyes overlaying each other with things going on in the reflection of the pupil of the eye - very nicely done! i am making that video sequence worship trick 93. it actually reminds me of an eye we filmed close up as part of grace ten. our concept there was that grace comes to us through sight if we have eyes to see.... the loop on the dvd is rather more sophisticated...

there are some samples of the video on the osbd page......