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Celtic Prayer

Celtic Prayer


May is the month of Beltane, celebrating the life of the earth and of Pentecost, the life of the Holy Spirit following the resurrection of Christ.

On Rising/Resting:
Blessed be you Source of All.
In your greenly greeting you return to the earth.
In blade and petal and shoot and leaf,
sprung again when all seemed gone.
Indwell your spirit of hope as I rise up this morning/
I lie down to rest at this day’s end.

Morning Invocation:
Pulse of all life beat through all I am and all I do this day.
Beat through my feet that I might walk in awareness of the earth.
Beat through my legs that I might go the extra mile for fellow-traveller.
Beat through my groin that I might cherish the darkness and joy that stirs there.
Beat through my hands that I might touch with awe all you have created.
Beat through my heart that I might know the connectedness of every living thing.
Beat through my body that I might respect what I take for granted.
Pulse of all life, beat through your world and myself as part of it, as I set forth this morning.

Opening Out:
You who are risen with newness,
be with all those who feel old this day.
Those with weary bodies, tired spirits,
those who feel stuck in ancient patterns that never seem to shift
Help us to trust the cycle of your healing,
spiralling like the rings of a tree,
coming to the same place
but deeper and different this year round.

Night Shielding:
Quickening Spirit,
You have given to me my breath this day.
Gratitude for all the life I have been part of
gratitude for my body, mind and spirit;
gratitude for each person I was given;
gratitude for each creature;
gratitude for this tiny piece of your living planet
that came into my sights this day;
Be with all who need the connection of prayer this night
As we lie down in the Oneness of all your creation
may your deep peace enfold us this night.

[Prayers taken from “The Celtic Wheel of the Year” by Tess Ward]