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Prayers seeking blessing from the Divine have been
part of Christian spirituality for over two thousand
years. These texts when said as prayers seek to invoke
God’s mystical presence in our lives. However God
does not promise that the journey will be easy – but
does say that we won’t be overcome.

Morning Blessing
As the sun rises O God
Let your face shine upon me.
At the falling of fresh rain
Let your love drench me with peace
On the eating of food at breakfast
Let your Spirit nourish me in your love
On entering your world of possibilities
Walk with me, beside me and before me
Be present with me and bless me today

Night Blessing
I give thanks to you God for the events of my day
The things that built me up, and the things that
challenged me
I pray for those who I met who were sad
or facing tough times
For those who were lonely or isolated
Be present to them, and bring them peace.
And the blessing of God give me a peaceful night
And refreshment for tomorrow

Blessing for the future
Mysterious God of life
Guide me through the uncertainty that life brings
Hold me back from rushing into things without
thinking – which will be bad for me
And push me when I hesitate to engage in things –
which will be good for me
Guide me in wisdom and considerations for others
as well as myself
Show me the steps of growth and health
and hold me close to you.
Creator bless me in the human search for fulfilment
Redeemer bless me in the human desire
to be loved and accepted
Spirit bless me in the human desire
to find deep peace and contentment.