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prayer beads

prayer beads


Using a cord with beads or knots as an aid to
prayer is something practised in many spiritual
traditions including Christian, Jewish, and Islamic.
Having something tactile helps give a rhythm and
focus to prayer.

Take the cord in one hand.
Hold a bead between the thumb and index finger.
Pray a prayer.
Then push the bead on and take the next one.
Repeat for one cycle or as many as you like.

The dekhomai prayer cord has five beads with
different colours. These colours represent the
Yellow - thanks
Red - mercy
Blue - peace
Green - healing
Purple - justice

You could pray with your own words and thoughts
or try these simple prayers:
Yellow - Thanks for life
Red - Have mercy on me
Blue - Peace on earth as it is in heaven
Green - You are the Healer, come and heal ... in
Jesus’ name
Purple - May your justice roll down like a river