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A labyrinth is a walking meditation with three
stages – the journey in; the centre; and the journey
out. It is not like a maze with a choice of turns – it
has one path. Walking a labyrinth is a chance to
pause, slow down, pray, encounter the divine and
be re-energised for the next stage in life’s journey.
You can trace the path of the labyrinth on the card
with your finger as an aid to prayer and meditation
or imagine the journey.

Entering the labyrinth
Find a quiet place where you can sit and relax.
Take a moment to quiet yourself and to breathe
deeply. You may find it helpful to light a candle
to remind you of the presence of God.

You are on a journey towards the centre of the
labyrinth and back out again. As you walk reflect
on your life’s journey and relationship with God;
walk slowly.

Use the journey into the centre to slow down, to
let go of busyness and stress, and to prepare to
meet with God.

Sometimes you will be close to the centre and
sometimes close to the edge – are you close or far
from God in your journey?

At the centre this is holy space - a space to be
with God in prayer. Listen – is there something
God might be saying to you?

When you are ready begin the journey out - as
you do, take your encounter with God with you
back into the world.

Pray for the presence of God in the situations you
are facing in everyday life.

As you finish the journey offer yourself afresh
to God.