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Many of us at some point in our lives feel the need
to be forgiven and to forgive ourselves. Yet it is
easy to feel trapped, unable to get past mistakes
we have made and the scars they leave with us
and others.

At the heart of the Christian tradition is forgiveness
- forgiveness from God and God’s help in allowing
us to forgive ourselves and to change.

This exercise uses our breathing to help us to
accept God’s forgiveness and to forgive ourselves.

Breathing exercise
Find a quiet place where you can sit and relax.
Take a moment to quiet yourself and to breathe
deeply. You may find it helpful to light a candle
to remind you of the presence of God.

Begin to take notice of your breathing – as you
breathe in and as you breathe out.

Focus on the issue which you feel is burdening
you. And then as you slowly breathe in and out
pray these prayers. Think of the burden when you
breathe out and God’s forgiveness and acceptance
of you when you breathe in.

Breathe in love
Breathe out hate

Breathe in acceptance
Breathe out separation

Breathe in forgiveness
Breathe out blame

Breathe in peace
Breathe out anxiety

Breathe in life
Breathe out death

Breathe in gentleness
Breathe out tension

Breathe in God’s presence

Breathe in God’s acceptance and forgiveness